Interpretation of Vimshottari Dasha

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There are many types of dashas prevalent for delineation of a horoscope. Parashar himself mentions about 32 dashas. But the most popular dasha is Vimshottari dasha. The other dashas in vogue are Ashttotari and Yogini.

Vimshottari means hundred and twenty. This is the total years allotted to all the planets representing 120 years of a full span of man life. According to Laghu Parashari, all the planets good or bad, when in their dasha and their own antardasha do not give good or bad results according to their nature. Planets in their dashas will give following results. Here we are giving Interpretation of Vimshottari Dasha.

Mahadasha of Sun: (6years): If Sun is favourable and benefic for the Lagna, Strong by sign, placed in Trine, Kendra, or 11th house and also well placed in Divisional Charts then person will have gain of wealth from Govt. or article related with Sun, lots of comforts, happiness, purity of mind,High status in Govt. Getting Govt. vehicle, gets promotion, Birth of Son, Ministership, getting Govt. Power, authority, honour position, favour from elders, Get lands in hilly or forest regions, wealth & fame, Prosperity to father and get affection from his father, good health etc.

Whereas weak, ill placed Sun in sign, Divisional charts or PAC with malefic gives many miseries, loss of wealth, loss of fame, power, loss of confidence, ill health related to Sun nature like body burning, epilepsy, heart disease, eye trouble, skin disease etc, punishment from Govt. Depromotion in service or loss of prestige. Will be intense anguish and danger from concealed wealth, Arishtha for Father or illness for self. It is separative nature Planet, when Sun, 12th house lord and Rahu/Saturn put combined influence on any house and its lord then person will be separate from the signification of that house.

Mahadasha of Moon: (10years):Moon is also a Lagna. It is therefore very important in horoscope. Its strength is one essential factor for prosperity. If Moon favourable for Lagna, Strong by sign, placed in Trine, Kendra, or 11th house and also placed well in Division Charts then person will have gain of wealth from female, or article related with Moon, lots of comforts, auspicious ceremonies, conveyance, vehicles, son and blessing of Goddess Laxmi,Mental happiness, happiness to or from Mother, Govt. favour etc. A vargottam moon gives a successful life..

It is generally benefic but when it is weak and placed in bad house then it is malefic. Whereas weak Moon will give opposite result. It will give mental derangement, depression, problem for mother, loss of wealth and status. Period of Rahu/Moon or Moon/Rahu give worries and if both are aspected by malefic then worries are increased.

Mahadasha of Mars:(7years):If Mars is favourable for Lagna, Strong by sign, placed in Trine, Kendra, or 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th house and also placed well in Divisional Charts. then person will have gain of wealth from land, agriculture, high position, jewellery, younger brother, article related with Mars, lots of comforts, good relations with co-born, Victory over enemies, good capacity to fight back or to do struggle, good course, fiery and daring nature.

Whereas weak Mars gives accidents, cut, hurts, diseases,theft,burn injuries, surgical operations, blood infection,conflict with wife, epilepsy,arrogant. In Airy sign may cause danger from storm, air crash etc. In moveable sign may cause danger from vehicle accident. In earthy sign may cause danger from earthquake, accidents in mines, collapse of house or fall etc. In watery sign may cause danger from drowning, and in Fiery sign it may cause danger from fire, electric shock, gun shot injuries etc.  loss of property, loss of job, rash temperament loss in litigation or enemies, ill health to brother, loss from fire.

Mahadasha of Mercury:(17years):If Mercury is favourable for Lagna, Strong by sign, placed in Trine, Kendra, or 11th house and also placed well in Divisional Charts then person will have gain of wealth from business, education, honours in sports, publication matters, or article related with Mercury, lots of comforts, Mental happiness, happiness and admiration from learned people, happiness to cousins and uncles, with venus gives talent for music.

Whereas malefic or weak Mercury gives mental illness,  nervousness, skin problems, disruption in education, loss of wealth, urinary problems, theft, fire. If it is in 6th ,8th or 12th house, income, passion and wealth suffers. Diseases like jaundice and rheumatism may take hold.

Mahadasha of Jupiter: (16years) :Good and well placed Jupiter gives religious mind and interest in meeting of Saint, Sathvic people or woking for them, hopeful generous, easy going and sympathetic. Birth of good children, charitable, gain from yellow articles, sweet products. He may become Minister, teacher, adviser, Judge, Yogi, Philosopher, religious head etc.

Whereas malefic or weak, combust, debilitated or in 6th house Jupiter gives bad results of misfortune, worries, unreligious mind. Change of residence, loss of wealth and children, mental tension, diseases like liver problem, cancer, jaundice are also caused.

Mahadasha of Venus:(20years) :If Venus is favourable for Lagna, Strong by sign, placed in Trine, Kendra (should not be Kendra lord) or 11th house and also placed well in Divisional Charts then person will have gain of wealth from business related to article of Venus. Artistic nature, like poet, musicians, actor, marriage, wife, attractive personality, recognition, new house, welfare of children, person attend many party, religious ceremonies, love, jewelers, perfumes, vehicles.

Whereas afflicted, badly placed or bad for Lagna gives bad results like person will be immoral, addicted to wine, spends money like water & suffer afterwards with diseases. Opposition and separation from near and dear ones, trouble from female, loss in professional status, diseases of sex, distress from women folk, loss of business, diseases like anaemia, urinary, Aids, loss of semen.

Mahadasha of Saturn:(19years) :If Saturn is favourable for Lagna, Strong by sign, placed in Trine, Kendra or 11th house and also placed well in Divisional Charts then person will have gain of wealth from business related to article of Saturn. He will gain success through his hard work, through depressed, downrotten people such as Harijans, Negroes, Criminal, Tribes, Kisan, uncivilized people, or gain through Muslim, low caste people, or gain through agriculture, inferior items, education, govt. job, servents, old women, Gain from Western direction.

Whereas afflicted, badly placed or with Rahu/Ketu/Mars or bad for Lagna gives bad result like person will be immoral, addicted to wine, lazy, become gangster, tricky, get humiliation, many disappointments, poor, late marriage, theft, loss of wealth, grief of wife & children, imprisonment, miseries, mental worries, loss of property, cerebral disorders, stomach ache, paralysis, bodily deformity and chronic diseases.

Mahadasha of Rahu:(18years) :When Rahu / Ketu placed in 3rd, 10th or 11th house, in exaltation or benefic sign or PAC with benefic lord or in Trine with Kendra lord or In Kendra with Trine lord, the person will attain sudden success, power, authority, wealth, new house, royal recognition in foreign land, jewellery, contacts with foreigners, become diplomat, do Pilgrimages in life.

Whereas in adverse position, person will have mental worries, loss of wife, children, unclean food, shifting of place, suffering, ill-health, failure in business, loss of wealth, irritation,  loss of position, fear of imprisonment or exile in foreign country with many miseries and hardship, litigation, debts, epidemic, epilepsy, cancer, dropsy, sudden attack of diseases, poison and serpent bite.

Mahadasha of Ketu:(7years) :Ketu is a significator of Moksha. Ketu in trines or 11th house is considered good if it is not afflicted. Ketu in 3rd, 6th or 11th house gives happiness in its dasha and gains from the govt. In benefic sign and vargas, favours from kings, pleasures from children and vehicles, pride, happiness from travelling.

Whereas when weak, it gives discord with relatives and causes loss of property, miserliness, assassination, secret intrigues, backbiting and vicious tendencies. It also causes diseases similar to those of Rahu and Mars. In addition it causes heart attack, operations and poison in the body.

Mahadasha Effects on the basis of Houses:

1stHouse: If the lord of 1st house is strong then native will rise to a high position, happy, maintain good health, prosperity will increase. Whereas weak or ill place lord gives ill health, mental worries, fear of imprisonment, humiliation, funeral rites, frustration, loss of position & misfortunes.

2nd House:Well placed and strong 2nd lord will bless the native with wealth, success due to speech, money through lectures, good food, good daughters, family members will grow in numbers, happy period in the dasha of 2nd lord. Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives lot of expenses, wrath of king, eye trouble, not stick to his words, act stupidly before audience. Distress or death, if 2nd lord is malefic then AD of malefic gives loss of wealth through theft and fire, fall from Position.

3rdHouse:Strong 3rd lord gives number of siblings, show courage and honour, co-operation from sibling, but bad for Financial or wealth.Whereas weak or ill placed lord is good for wealth but bad for sibling birth, harassed or misunderstanding with sibling, neighbours, secret enemies, loss of pride and humiliation.

4thHouse:If 4th lord is well placed and strong then native will have happiness from mother, wife, conveyance, getting agriculture land, house, higher status and wealth.Whereas weak or ill placed lord, during its dasha gives distress to mother, loss of vehicle, danger to house, land, leaving far of place from his house, danger of accident, litigation for property general unhappiness and disturbed peace of mind.

5thHouse:Strong and well placed 5th lord give good education, birth of son, becomes minister, gain and promotion in career, conferment of honour, religious and good nature, political success, sudden gain of money from speculations.Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives failure in examination, wander aimlessly, sickness or loss or worries from children, loss of money in speculation, irreligious deed, stomach disorder.

6thHouse:When Strong or well placed from its own placed 6th lord gives ill health, loss from enemies, servant, poverty, humiliation,  injuries to the body,loss of reputation, cattle, pets or job,Whereas it is weak and ill placed from its own sign and should not be stronger than Lagna, then native will overpower his enemies, good health, free from diseases, generous and powerful, gain in service, wealth, splendour and prosperity, courageous, success in competition.

7th House:When 7th lord is strong and well placed in the chart then native will get marry if native not married, will have happy marriagied life, new clothes, truthful, religious, high academic qualification, If 7th lord is in 7th then it gives charming personality, pleasure trips, physical strength, person loves his spouse, and Spouse comes from good family even malefic gives good wife as per nature of planet. It removes all DOSHA of like Putra dosha, Mangalik dosha or Vishkanya dosha, Good nature faithful & religious spouse. Fortune rises after marriage, Prosperity in foreign land, Success in profession, help of wife in profession, gain in partnership.Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives more than one spouse, secret love affairs, late marriage, or no marriage. Spouse’s health suffers or wife suffers miscarriage, more female issues, and ill-tempered spouse. Death of spouse or occasional separation, or deceived by spouse, distress to son in law,. Denied the happiness to the partner. Earning through bad way, veneral diseases, Lonely life with no friend or wife, windy diseases, suffer losses in partnership.

8th House:When Strong or well placed 8th lord from its own sign then this dasha gives ill health, distress, sorrow, rivalry, opposition, jealousy, intense sexual desire, end of life, unsuccessful hope, humiliation and poverty etc.Whereas  it is weak and ill placed from its own sign and or placed in 8th or 12th house and should not stronger than Lagna then native in the dasha of 8th lord bless with favorable circumstances and progress in profession, gain in legacy or gain in import-export business, or discharge of debts, end of disputes, quarrels will settled, acquire of cattle or servant.

9th House:When 9th lord strong and well placed in the chart then native will have prosperous time in its dasha, becomes a achiever and even a historical figure, gain of wealth, health, good rank, meritorious deeds, sons, grandchildren, success in all venture, all round happiness in life, visits to  a foreign country.

Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives weak financial position, the prosperity will on the decline, suffer domestic happiness, disrespect from children and grand children, unlucky. Losses through enemies, unfortunate, no comfort from father, quarrelsome. Aspects of malefic gives more malefic results whereas benefic aspects reduces the malefic nature.

10th House:When 10th lord strong and well placed in the chart then native will be successful in his all attempts like promotion, power, good status, name, fame and gain of wealth, prosperous time in the dasha. This is one of the best dasha in ones life.Whereas weak or ill placed lord then native will suffer fall from position, financial loss, disrespect, failure in enterprise, live away from homeland, distress, set back in career.

11th House:When 11th lord strong and well placed in the chart then native will have continuous flow of money, growth in prosperity, happiness in the family, relation, friends, gains from elders, many servants etc.Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives ear trouble, trouble to elder brother & sister, son, loss, misery, disrespect, cheated by others.

12th House:When Strong or well placed 12th lord it gives hospitalisation, imprisonment, loss of wealth by Govt. orders, much expenditures, diseases, slavery,  may go abroad and suffer there. Malefic planets gives bad results and benefic gives good results.Whereas it is weak and ill place from its own sign and should not stronger than Lagna then native will spend money on good causes, do meritorious deeds, will get honour in foreign country.

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