Vastu for Garden


  • No plant brought from a temple, bank of a river, stolen from any place or given by a person whom you dislike, should be planted in your home. Saplings brought from a nursery should be planted.
  • Useful trees of 3 to 6 feet height can be in the East and the North directions. There should be no tree of any kind, big, small, useful or otherwise in the North-East corner.
  • Big trees should be avoided in the space surrounding the home and inside the boundary wall. The roots of big trees absorb the invisible power of the sunlight quickly. The good effect of these powerful rays is not obtained by the home. Such types of trees can be in the West and South directions.
  • No creepers, however beautiful, with flowers should be raised on the compound wall of the building in the east or north direction. Creepers can be planted only in the garden. There is no harm to have a Money Plant in the house. However, it should not be planted outside the house with the support of a tree etc.
  • A Tulsi (Basil) plant, is a very positive influence within the house. Kanakchampa,in the North brings virtues and wealth. Bilva, Madhuka and Peepal are very favourable on the West of the house. Udumbara(Goolar)and Panas are favourable towards the South of the house. A water pond inĀ  North-East/North/ East direction, with Lotus, is very favorable.
  • Banana, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Neem, Coconut, Lemon, Nilgiri, Ashoka or Jamun trees etc. should not be in the East or North direction of the home. Only in the South/South-West, there is no harm in having these trees. The Ber plant should not be cultivated within the house. It increases enmity. Plants of Bamboo, should never be grown within the house. No large plant should be planted exactly in the centre of a site.
  • Thorny succulent plants must not be grown within the house. Cacti are considered very dangerous and harmful for a residential unit. They purport to bring tensions and create fractious relationships. If you keep them, it is preferable to keep it separately and outside the house.
  • The entertaining unit for the children is recommended towards the North-West while designing Vastu for Garden. A swimming pool/fountain is favorable in the Northeast/ North/East or even in the West.
  • Garden must not have any fountain in the centre. Huge, heavy statues or other exhibits are favorable towards the South-West/South/West.
  • There is no harm if pet animals and birds nests are in the North-West corner.
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