Ashtak Varga Predictions in Astrology


While giving Ashtak Varga Predictions in Astrology, we have to see the bindus contributed by the planets as well as bindus contained in the rashis. If a  planet has more than 5 bindus and rashi has more than 28 bindus in Sarvashtakvarga it gives excellent results by the house concerned. More bindus the planet has, better are the results. A planet even though it might be exalted or in its own house, cannot confer full benefits unless it has requisite number of bindus in the Ashtakvarga.

Classical books say that when planets transit in the following houses they will give good results from Lagna, Moon and Sun lagnas:

  • Sun in 3 – 6 – 10 – 11 houses,
  • Moon in 1 – 3 – 6 – 7 – 11 houses,
  • Mars in 3 – 6 – 11 houses,
  • Mercury in 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 11 houses,
  • Jupiter in 2 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 houses,
  • Venus in 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 8 – 9 – 11 – 12 houses,
  • Saturn in 3 – 6 – 11 houses,
  • Rahu and Ketu in 3 – 6 – 11 houses.

What happened if these above houses do not have good strength? To check the strength of the houses and Planets we use Ashtaka Varga to find out the strength.

SAV is also known as Pindashtak varga or Sakalashak varga or Akhilashak varga or Vyuhashak varga or Mahashak varga or Samudayashak varga.

Important KEY Points:

1.   Total points in SAV are 337 and if we divide this figure by 12 then 28 points comes for each house.

a)   Any house is good if it has more than 30 points. If it has, less than 25 points, then that house becomes weak and will not give good result, when any planet transit in it.

b)   If points are in between 25 to 30 then it is neither good nor bad.

2.   If first, nine, ten and eleven houses having 30 or more than 30 points in these houses, then native will be wealthy. Some classical books say that native will become wealthy at the age of 37 years.

3.   If Lagna and fourth houses having 33 points and its lords have exchanged the house, then native will be wealthy.

4.   Some says that number of points in the Lagna will be the age of years for the native to  rise in life.

5.   If 2nd house has more points from 12th house, then native is hardly spending any money for his enjoyment. He may making/ hoarding up his bank balance.

6.   If 11th house has more points than the 10th house and 12th house has fewer points than the 11th house, moreover, lagna has more points than the 12th house, then the native enjoys all the material happiness in the life.

7.   The native will be beggar if the lagna, 9th , 10th , 11th  houses are having less than 25 points in each house and malefics are in Trines houses.

8.    Some classical books say that, add the points of lagna + 2 + 4 + 9 + 10 + 11 houses, if the total is more than 164, then native is wealthy. Same way, add the points of 6 + 8 + 12 houses. If the points are less than 76 then the income is more than the expenditure.

It is not true now a days in our observation because 6th house is for competition or to fight back to gain some things, 8th house is for black money or inherited property, lottery, unearned income or gain all of sudden from shares etc and 12th house is gain from foreign country or multinational company.

9.   If 12th house has more points than 11th house, then it means (1) more expenses than earning, which means taking loans etc. (2) earning from foreign sources or country or working in multi-national company. A native goes out of country only if his 4th house and its lord is afflicted and has PAC with 12th house or its lord.

10. Note down the points of Lagna and 7th house and see which house is stronger in between the two. Stronger house will control the partner.

11.  Add the points of lagna + 4 +5 + 7 + 9 + 10 houses. This group is called inner self and add points of other group 2 + 3 + 6 + 8 + 11 + 12 houses; this group is called outer self.

See which group has more points, if it is inner self, then native will make money and become wealthy by his good deeds, learning, knowledgeable and charitable. If outer self is stronger, then native, is greedy, deceitful, worried man and do cheating.

 12. If Mars and Venus are in exalted sign, Saturn and Jupiter in Trikona house and lagna has 40 or more than 40 points, then native live like a king.

13.  If lagna, Moon lagna, 10th  and 11th  houses have 30 points each and Jupiter having aspect on lagna or Moon lagna, then native lives like a king.

14.  If Sun is in lagna with exalted sign and Jupiter with 40 points in 4th  house, then native lives like a king.

15.   If Sun and Jupiter are in exalted sign with 30 points and lagna has more points than other houses, then native will live like a king.

 16.   If 4th and 11th houses have 30 points each, then native will rise at the age of 40 years of life.

17.  If Lagna and 9th house have 30 points, then native will rise at the age of 28 years of life.

18.   If Mars and Venus are in exalted sign, Saturn in Aquarius Rashi and Jupiter with 40 points in Sagittarius Rashi in lagna, then native lives like a king.

19.     If lagna, Moon Lagna and Sun lagna have 30 points, then native will rise by his own efforts.

20.   If malefic planets Saturn, Rahu or Mars is placed in 8th house. The corresponding no of the SAV will be the age, when native will have bad time.

21.   Same way if benefices are placed in Kendra or Trikona, the corresponding no of SAV will be the year of age when native will have good times.

22.   If 11th house has more points than the 10th house, then native do less struggle and get more gain and if 10th house has more points than the 11th house then it means that native do more struggle but get less gain or he gets opportunity but cannot avail it.

23.  More difference of points in between two houses is not good. Native get good jump in his position but in next transit of Saturn he will have fall. Best example is of Rajiv Gandhi.

24.   Moon sign of the couple should have more than 28 point in each other horoscope to have happy married life.

25. Divide the horoscope into four groups and add the points of Dharam. Artha, Karama and Moksha houses like

1) 1 + 5 + 9 house is called BANDHU,

2) 2 + 6 + 10 houses is called SEVAKA,

3) 3 + 7 + 11 houses is called POSHAKA and

4) 4 + 8 + 12 houses are called GHATAKA.

BANDHU:  if this group has more points than the others, then native will be wealthy, doing right Karma, charitable.

SEVAKA:  native may be doing job, service, or money minded.

POSHAKA:  may be indursitest or factory owner or employer

SEVAKA:  native may be poor, beggar.

26.   Divide the horoscope into three groups

1). Add the points of Pisces to Gemini Rashi. It is called Childhood.

2). Add the points of Cancer to Libra Rashi. It is called Young age.

3). Add the points of Scorpio to Aquarius Rashi. It is called old age.

Whereas other classical books says that divide the horoscope into following way:-

1). Add the points of 1+2+3+4 houses. It is called childhood

2). Add the points of 5+6+7+8 houses. It is called young age

3). Add the points of 9+10+11+12 houses. It is called old age

Native will have comfort life, which group is stronger than the others are. Whereas some others classical books say that add the points from Rashi Pisces to Gemini, Cancer to Libra and Scorpio to Aquarius for Childhood, young age and old age

27.  Stronger direction is good to work from birthplace,

1) Add the points of 1+5+9 houses. It is called East direction

2) Add the points of 2+6+10 houses. It is called South direction

3) Add the points of 3+7+11 houses. It is called West direction

4) Add the points of 4+8+12 houses. It is called North direction

See which group has more points. If native goes towards that direction from his birthplace, then native will have success in his job.

 28.  Moon signs of the couple should have more than 28 points in each other’s horoscope in Rashi to have good and happy married life.

29.  A native should take loan or medicine, when rising sign of the day is having less point in SAV of his horoscope and then the next rising sign is having more points to return the loan or recover fast.

30.  Add the points from Lagna to Saturn or Lagna to Rahu or Lagna to Mars and multiply by 7 and divide by 27. The reminder will be Nakshatra from the Ashwini, native will have bad time, when Saturn transit on the same Nakshatra.

Same way add the points from Lagna to Venus or Lagna to Jupiter or Lagna to Moon for good result.

31.  As per Mansaagri classical book and P.S. Sastry’s book,

 If any house has following points, It will give following result as per the nature of the planets and Kartatva of the house. It started from 14 point to 48 point.

If 14 points: painful fear of death.

If 15 points: fear from the Govt.

If 16 points: Some misery.

If 17 points: Disease or loss of place

If 18 points: loss of money

If 19 points: Quarrelsome and troubles from relatives.

If 20 points: More expenditure, doing sinful acts.

If 21 points: Disease, loss of money and gains.

If22 points: loss of memory, weakness and troubles from relatives.

If 23 points: Many worries, pains, loss of gains

If 24 points: Loss of money all of sudden or over expenditure.

If 25 points: Misfortune from planets and house Kartatva nature.

If 26 points: Troublesome, dullness, fickle nature.

If 27 points: Over expenditure, worry, anxiety and unclear mind.

If 28 points: Gain of money but still not satisfied.

If 29 points: the native receives respect.

If 30 points: Auspicious results like native receives respect, honour and gain of wealth.

If 31 to 33 points: the native does good things to others and receives respects and honour.

If 34 to 40 points: Native gets all materials property.

If 41 points: great wealth and many sources of income.

If 42 points: Native gets all materials property, charitable, wealthy, loved by people.

If 43 points: Native gets all materials property from many sources and happiness.

If 44 to 45 points: Gains of wealth from many sources, receives honours and respects.

If 46 to 47 points: Native has all best qualities, doing auspicious activities.

If 48 and above points: Native has best qualities like a ruler, shows kindness to all, attached to Dharama, wise etc.

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