About Astrologer


ANIL TONDAK is a qualified JYOTISH ACHARYA and makes predictions based on Vedic Astrology for the last 20 Years. He has completed JYOTISH DHANWANTARI for Astrological Remedies. Besides these, He has also done HASTA SAMUDRIK SHASTRA RATNAKAR for making predictions from reading the lines of hands and VAASTU VISHWAKARMA for Vaastu Shastra.

The thirst of knowledge was not over even after getting these degrees. He had a feeling that he was not doing right justice to Astrology since merely pointing out problems is not enough. This thirst of knowledge changed the direction of his life and started getting deeply involved in this.

He has got expertise in accurate predictions based on Vedic Astrology. He  analyses the birth chart with holistic view and ensures that the predictions are accurate and presented in a simple way. He usually prescribes very easy, effective and low cost astrological remedies so that people can get benefit in a right manner.

Initially, he opted for the career in Teaching and had done M.Sc.(Maths), M.Ed.,M.A.(Eco) & M.B.A.(Mktg). In the meantime, he  studied Astrology as a hobby. Later on, he realised that it is only Astrology which will make him to fully utilize his  intuition power, spiritual abilities and life-experiences for solving the problems within the financial constraints of middle class people and suggest the most economical remedies. Thus, he decided to make astrology his full time career which is a decent way of earning livelihood.

He  discovers and evaluates simple yet effective Jyotish techniques by the study of a good number of real life events and case studies of different aspects in the horoscope. He has his own style and guidelines of chart interpretations. He  always have been trying to work with Jyotish at his  own scope and conducting experiments and researches. He encourages  people to have their charts read and take remedies for their present problems as well as future negative happenings.


Anil Tondak