VASTU-SHASTRA is a vast and ancient science of living
beings. The word Vastu is derived from the root VAS which means TO RESIDE. The
science of Vastu is considered an integral part of the Indian architecture.
As Architecture is the art, science or profession
of designing & constructing buildings etc., Vastu is also an ancient
science which can be utilized in the construction of house, office, shops or
industrial buildings.

is a science of directions and it accounts for 8 directions; North, South,
East, West, North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West. The basic
purpose of Vastu is to make the lives of people happier and problem free.
According to Vastu, there are 5 basic elements in the whole world. They are the
Earth, Water, Air, Fire (Heat & Light) and Sky (Cosmic). Vastu is a science
of balancing these elements in the proper proportions for prosperity and
harmony to have better living conditions in a building.                 

                             Vastu reads the characteristics of a
house and explains its effects on the residents in a scientific manner. If
construction is not done according to Vastu, then thinking and action of the
people residing or working in these places is not harmonious which in turn
leads to disorder and illness in the life of the person. Vastu endows peace and
prosperity to all mankind. A house, big or small, built as per Vastu makes the
life pleasant and prosperous.   

                     Since an Architect can
build a good house but can not assure happy life to the people living in that
house, whereas Vastu science assures harmony, prosperity and progress to the
people living in it, therefore there is an urgent need for the Architects and
Vastu Experts to co-ordinate. Thus we can say that if a house or industrial
building is constructed according to Vastu;




We offer on-site Vastu
Consultations to Architects, Designers, and Individuals seeking to gain the
benefits of Vastu. We also provide services for the Vastu
by visiting your place personally.
We help you to remove negativity of
your place without damaging or re-constructing. We suggest improving your Vastu
by re-placing your existing furniture, interiors and other elements found in
your place, which will help to regain growth and prosperity. If you are planning a construction or renovation of a home
or any commercial space such as Plots, Land, Offices, Houses,
Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Multiplex, Clubs, Factories,
Showrooms, Shops, etc., We can work with your
Architect or Interior Designer. You will certainly find the positive benefits
of Vastu.

Currently We provide VISIT services for Delhi NCR only
. For other
places,You can seek for OFF-SITE Consultations.


We offer E-mail or Phone
Consultations or WhatsApp Call for your Home, Workplace, School, Hospital etc.
to get positive influence from the nature by using Indian Vastu principles.

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NOTE:  We require Photograph of
Place/Premises, Scanned copy of drawing( Computerized OR Hand Drawn),
description of surroundings as well as your queries to proceed. Also you can
send Video of that place.