Palmistry is an ancient science of knowing the past,
present and future of a person. Since palm is the gift of nature no errors can
be as cribbed to the lines on the palm, which are there since birth. The art of
hand reading has evolved over thousands of years, from Stone Age man´s
curiosity to the sophisticated techniques of today´s practitioner.

hand is always with us and acts as a computer. It is always available, always
accessible and does not involve complicated laboratory equipment. It can enable
the doctor to gain a better insight into the patient´s disease as well as
helping him to develop a better understanding of the patient as a whole.

The fact that our hands are so important makes it unsurprising that a
great deal of information is stored in them. By studying the ancient art of
hand analysis and examining the outline of the hand, the fingers, and the skin
patterns, as well as the lines on the palm, the hand becomes a rich source of
information. It can be an indicator of character and personality, a mirror of
temperament, a register of our potential and a record of the events that take
place in our lives.

           Our growing understanding of genetics coupled with modern scientific procedures is opening a new chapter in hand analysis, for we are beginning to recognize that the patterns in our hands are a blueprint of our physical and psychological selves.     


              From the basic shape of your hand to the smallest line
in your palm, from the patterns on the tips of your fingers to the hands at the
top of your wrist, every single feature in your hand contains valuable
information about you.

                One of the best way of accessing
this information is through a study of your Handprints. Handprints are
invaluable for revealing the fine details which are hard to see or study on the
living hand.

                You can send us the Handprints of both of your hands or take out the clear Photographs and e-mail to us or WhatsApp, we will respond you all about your details.

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