Vastu Tips for Students to Excel in Exams

Vastu can help transform average and hard working students into high achievers. Full potentials can be met and hidden abilities can be discovered by the use of Vastu. Some Vastu…..

Vastu for Garden

No plant brought from a temple, bank of a river, stolen from any place or given by a person whom you dislike, should be planted in your home. Saplings brought…..

Vastu Tips- FAQ

Q.1. Square plots bring health and wealth to the inhabitants. Ans.  Square shaped plots are considered the sign of stability and economy. These plots are considered highly auspicious by all…..

21 Vastu Tips for Homes

There are limited options available to city dwellers and even a planned construction of a house or a work place is not perfect because of the levels in and around…..

Vastu and Home

There are some Tips about Vastu and Home which will make the dwellers to lead a blissful life i.e. full of Happiness and Peace. Vastu provides us scientific explanations on how…..

Best Follow Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu for Kitchen is primarily based on the Sun and the main wind directions. Kitchen has become a compact, efficient, safe and easy place to work in and so the…..