Vastu and Home

Vastu and Home

There are some Tips about Vastu and Home which will make the dwellers to lead a blissful life i.e. full of Happiness and Peace. Vastu provides us scientific explanations on how to design our Home to bring positive energy.

Kitchen : Vastu for Kitchen

Bed Room : Vastu for Bedroom

Drawing (Living)Room:

  • North-East or North-West is best direction for a Drawing Room. In the East, it is best for social workers, politicians and business tycoons. It is more calm and quiet in the West direction while the South direction is best during winter months and in cold regions.
  • The Drawing Room should be close to the main door. Large and Heavy sofa with chairs should be placed in South, West or South-West direction. While sitting you should face towards North, East or North-East. Place T.V., Telephone and entertainment devices in the North-West or South-West direction.
  • Photos of your ancestors should be placed in South and South-West directions. Photos of Children can be placed in the East direction. Photos of Living older generations should be placed in North direction.
  • Display a couple of plants on the floor in gloomy areas or on a side table. Display mementoes, photographs or paintings of your choice in the Drawing Room. Paint the walls with blue and green color for calm environment. Never use red, yellow, purple and dark hues of colors.

Study Room:

  • One should face North-East, East or North while studying. Positive magnetic field from North helps in sharp memory and quick grasping power and getting ability to take right decisions much faster.
  • Keep your Study Table 10 to 15 cm away from the wall and light should come from the backside or left hand side. Reading material should be nearly 30 to 45 cm away from the eyes. Sit with your back in an erect posture.
  • To improve the studies, Put Crystal Globe andEducationToweron the North-East corner of the study table or room for excellent performance. Keeping your stamp size photo in between the wish-pyramid along with Fortune card and keeping the study pyramid underneath the seat or the pillow also adds significantly to the concentration/results. Installing a 5 rod wooden wind-chime in the eastern zone is also very helpful.

Prayer (Pooja) Room:

  • North-East is the ideal place for location of a Pooja Room. It may be in the North/East direction. Face East or North-East while worshipping for better concentration and devotion. North-East sector of your kitchen is a good choice for daily worship if you can not afford a separate place for worship.


  •  Stairs in South/South-West/West direction in clockwise direction in odd numbers and elevation of it should be from East to West or North to South. It should not be in reverse direction in any case.

Guest Room:

  • Guest Room in North-West direction is suitable. Keep the Heavy furniture along the South and West walls. While taking rest, your guest should keep his head towards South. Head towards East or West is also acceptable but North should strictly be avoided. Avoid placing Guest Room in the North-East, South-East, South-West and Brahma sthan.

Dining Room:

  • Dining Room should be in West/East/South-East direction. Chairs around the Dining table should be so arranged that you always face East or West while eating. Facing North is never recommended while eating meals.

Bath Room:

  • Bath Room in East direction is best. It may be in North-West direction and Bath-cum Toilets in North-West/West/South/South-West direction. Do not place a bathroom beside or opposite of the front door. It brings a bad reputation to the occupants.


  • Toilet in West of South-West direction is best. It can be made in North of North-West or West of North-West direction also.
  • Under Ground Water Tank should be in North/North-East/East direction. Having an underground water tank in the South-East/South position of the house can cause damage to the male child/wife of the owner. Besides huge financial losses, an underground water tank in south-west can prove fatal to the head of the family.
  • Overhead Water Tank should be in South/South-West/South direction.
  • Septic Tank in West of South-West/North-West is best direction.


  • Basement should be made under the whole building or partially in North/Northeast/East direction.

Small Garden:

  • SmallGardenshould be in North/Northeast/East direction and small flowery or herbal plants should be planted.

Store Room:

  • Store Room should be in South-West/South direction.

Car Garage:

  • Car Garage is best in the South-East or North-West direction.

Guard Room:

  • Guard Room in the right hand side of the main entrance gate.

Assets Room:

  • Valuable Things should be kept in central portion of North.
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