Best Follow Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu tips for kitchen
Vastu for Kitchen is primarily based on the Sun and the main wind directions. Kitchen has become a compact, efficient, safe and easy place to work in and so the planning is different in these days. Below are some important points to remember.

Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen

  • Kitchen/fire-place should be preferably in the South-East direction. It may be in East/North-West direction. Avoid North and South directions while cooking as facing North increases unwanted expenses and facing South is detrimental to lady’s health which causes pain in the shoulders or even cervical pain. Facing East or West while cooking is a must.
  • If your Wife is facing cervical problems, pain in leg and backache, this can be due to her back facing the entrance gate of the kitchen. Install a convex mirror in front of her so that she can see what is going on in her backside through the mirror. Frequent turning around is avoided.
  • Kitchen is the second best place after North-East for performing Pooja. Choose North-East corner of the Kitchen for putting an idol of deity.
  • Remove medicines from kitchen and shift it to living room, preferably at Pooja place.
  • Avoid water and fire in one line from the kitchen for better harmony. Having water & fire in one Line or opposite to one another, adds to difference of opinion amongst the family members. Rearranging the gadgets or putting a minimum at high partition of any material between fire/water will be very helpful.
  • The refrigerator should be in the North-West or South-West  corner and microwave should be in the South-East corner of the Kitchen.

These are some of the best vastu tips for kitchen, they are not only based on indian vastu knowledge but also supported by the new life science experiment around the world for healthy living. Please do not hesitate to share your opinion and question with us.

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