Signification of Houses

significator of houses

The twelve houses of a horoscope deal with all conceivable aspects of life. The most important of all houses is the Lagna or the First house. The remaining houses are basically related to the first house only. The Signification of Houses are as:

1st House(Lagna) : 1st  house or so called Lagna/Tanu Bhava, is the most important of all the houses.

It determines the body, head, longevity, livelihood, sound health, vitality, character and nature of the native. complexion, nature, general happiness.

2nd  House :This house is also called ‘Dhan/Kutumb’ Bhava.

It deals with money matters, wealth, artificial products, income tax, customs, computers. It represents one’s family and face, friends, speech, tongue, food habits and left eye, accumulated money or valuable things like jewellery, precious stones, food, speech, longevity of spouse or longevity of marriage (being  eight house from the seventh house), death, right eye.

3rd House :It is also Called ‘Bhratra/Parikarma’ Bhava.

It is the house of brothers and sisters. It signifies ears, physical growth or development, courage, mental instability, boldness, valour, co-borns (younger brothers and sisters), efforts, short journeys, inherent talent, writings, communicative skill, longevity of parents, servants, friends, neighbours, reason of death, right ear, shoulder and arms, close relation, short journeys, hobby and throat.

 One is made singer by this house only.

4th House :It is also called ‘Matra/Sukh’ Bhava

This house represents education, character, mother, motherland, house, mental peace, vehicles,residence, parental house, property, lands, conveyances,    cattle, comforts or luxuries, domestic happiness, happiness of all shorts, masses, parliament, profession of the spouse, chest particularly lungs, travel, false allegation and Vedic texts & Shastras.

5th  House :This house is also called as ‘Putra’ Bhava

It represents children, friendship, intelligence, education, intellect, aptitude, knowledge of scriptures, mantras, emotions, dignity, fall from status, change or break in profession, accumulated Karama of previous life, upper abdomen, speculation and love affairs.

6th  House :This house is called ‘Shatru/Ari’ Bhava

It is the house of diseases, obstacles, ill-health, enemy, diseases, disputes, legal cases, loss (eighth from the eleventh house of gains), accidents, fear, stamina ot fight back, difficulties, competitions, struggle, maternal uncle, debts or loans, service aptitude, contract, domestic pets, waist, imprisonment and cruel activities, digestive system, quarrels and jobs done by hand.

7th House :Also called ‘Kalatra/Jaya’ Bhava

It represents spouse (life partner), marriage, business, business partner or employment in a private firm, commerce, trading, journey, attainment of position or post (tenth from the tenth house), public image, theft, death, lower abdomen, urinary track, sexual organs and diseases thereof.

8th House:Also Called ‘Ayu/Mrityu’ Bhava

It represents longevity, death, place and mode of death, underground wealth, disgrace or defeat, sin, historical things and monuments, sudden fall, secret part or aspect of life, wealth of the spouse, disgrace, break or change, unorthodoxy, inheritance, adjustment in the married life, controversy, organ of excreation, accidents, parental property, idleness, cruel acts, life insurance, mining and anus.

9th  House :Also Called ‘Bhagya/Dharma’ Bhava

It represents pilgrimage, worship of God, paternal property, father, luck, religious aptitude, guru or master, overseas travels, sisters or brothers of spouse, thighs, higher studies like doctorate, long journeys, Vedic rituals, languages, grand parents, charity, coronation and mental aptitude towards Yoga.

10th House :This house is called ‘Karma’ Bhava

It represents occupation or professional excellence, source of livelihood, service, government, politics, management, mother of spouse, the acts one does, self control, chanting of sacred Mantras, thighs and knees.

11th  House :11th house is called ‘Labha/Gains’ Bhava

It represents sources of income, profits, gains, achievements, honours, titles, elder brothers-sisters, accidents (sixth from sixth house), spouse of the first child (seventh from the fifth), left ear, legs, good returns, looking desires, paternal uncle, friend’s circle and knee.

12th  House :The house of loss and expenses is called ‘Vyaya’ Bhava

It represents disturbed sleep, bad habits, hospitalization, jail, expenditure on good or bad account, investment, loss, foreign country, final emancipation, bed pleasures, loose sex life, separation, renunciation, confinement, left eye, feet, relief from debts, disputes, long journeys and quests, export and import, feet and left eye.

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