Retrograde Planets

Retrograde Planets seem to indicate that the energy of the planet in retrograde motion is directed inwards, and so are affecting the psychological profile of the person, more than the personality profile. Retrograde motion takes place when a faster interior planet, such as Venus or Mercury, overtakes the earth. Retrogradation describes a planet’s apparent clockwise motion from east to west relative to the fixed stars as seen from earth.

A benefic planet in retrogression becomes strong and gives good result. Whereas a malefic planet in retrograde position becomes more malefic and gives bad result.


Distance from Sun When it strats retrograde

Distance from Sun When Planet become  Direct

Stationary for nos of days before & after Retrogation

No. of days of Retrograde




3 days

80 days


140 to 200

170 to 200

1 days

24 days




5 days

120 days




2 days

42 days




5 days

140 days

All the planets, apart from the Sun and Moon, will have a period of retrograde motion, the more planets retrograde in a chart, the more an individual is likely to have the ability for self introspection, and understanding.

It may be Bad Dasha Period if it happened to be:

(1) 4th dasha of Saturn from Janam Dasha,

(2) 6th dasha of Jupiter from Janam Dasha,

(3) 7th Dasha of Rahu and 5th dasha of Mars from Janam Dasha,

(4) A planet in the last degree of the sign,

(5) A planet going towards to its debilitation sign,

(6) A planet Exalted in Main chart & debilitated in D-9,

(7) A Combust Planet,

(8) Defeated in Planetary War,

(9) Any malefic 4th from any malefic, give bad result in their Dasha/AD period,

(10) 64th  Navamsas, 22nd Dreshkona, 85th  Dawdasamasa for health.

Period Of dasha / Antra dasha to be Watched if it is: – Venus / Sat dasha, Venus / Jupiter dasha, Mars / Rahu dasha, Jupiter / Rah dasha and Moon / Mercury dasha period.

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