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Medical Astrology shows the influence of astrology on our Body Parts. Each sign of the zodiac influences certain parts of our body that may be prone to certain kinds of illness. The twelve zodiac signs are divided into 27 equal parts starting from first point of Aries to the last point of the Pisces. Each part is known as Nakshatra or Constellation. Each Nakshatra represents a body part and the disease related to it. The 2 ¼ of the constellation forms a zodiacal sign. Knowing which disease may affect in future in which body parts can prepare us for the proper diagnose in advance. This article of Medical Astrology Body Parts help us greatly in this matter.

Nakshatras and Body Parts

The following table shows the Nakshatras and the related parts of the body.

S. No. Nakshatra Body Parts
1. Ashwini Both Knees
2. Bharni Head
3. Kritika Waist
4. Rohini Both Legs
5. Mrigshira Two Eyes
6. Ardra Hair
7. Punarvasu Fingers
8. Pushya Mouth
9. Ashlesha Nails
10. Magha Nose


Poorva Phalguni

Uttara Phalguni

Private Parts
13. Hasta Two Hands
14. Chitra Forehead
15. Swati Teeth
16. Vishakha Both Upper Limbs
17. Anuradha Heart
18. Jyeshtha Tongue
19. Moola Both Feet


Poorva Ashadha

Uttara Ashadha

Both Thighs
22. Shravana Two Ears
23. Dhanishtha Back
24. Shatabhisha Both sides of Chin


Poorva Bhadrpada

Uttara Bhadrpada

Two sides of Body &Ankles
27. Revati Both Armpits


Drekkanas and Body Parts

The Drekkanas are supposed to play an important role in disease. All classical texts  stress their role in  medical Astrology, especially in locating the site of disease in the body.

The three Drekkanas represent three divisions of the body; the 1st extends from head to the mouth; the 2nd from neck to navel; and the 3rd from the pelvis to feet.

When the 1st Drekkana rises in the Lagna, the various houses in the horoscope represent the various parts of the body falling between the head and mouth(1st division).

When the 2nd Drekkana rises in the Lagna, the parts of the body falling between neck nad navel(2nd division) find representation.

When the 3rd Drekkana rises in the Lagna, the parts of the body from pelvis onwards upto the feet (3rd division) find representation in twelve houses of the horoscope. The parts of the body on the right side are represented in houses 2 to 6; those on the left side in houses 8 to 12.

The following table indicates the parts of the body represented by the various houses of the horoscope.

Based on Drekkana rising in the Lagna

House 1st Drekkana 2nd Drekkana 3rd Drekkana
1st Head Neck Pelvis
2nd Right Eye Right Shoulder Organ of Generation
3rd Right Ear Right Arm Right Testicle
4th Right Nostril Right side of Body Right Thigh
5th Right Cheek Right side of Heart Right Knee
6th Right Jaw Right Lung & Breast Right Calf
7th Mouth Navel Legs & Feet
8th Left Jaw Left  Lung & Breast Left Calf
9th Left cheek Left  side of Heart Left Knee
10th Left Nostril Left side of Body Left Thigh
11th Left Ear Left Arm Left Testicle
12th Left Eye Left Shoulder Anus


Other Adverse Medical Factors

While taking a fair judgment, some other factors must also be considered while examining a chart for illness. These are:

1.  22ndDrekkana:  The 22nd Drekkana is the drekkana that falls exactly seven houses away from the lagna. It falls in the 8th house on the  same degree as those of the lagna. Place the degree of the lagna in the sign occupying the 8th house of the birth chart and determine its Drekkana. The lord of that sign and the planets falling in that sign in the Drekkana chart are evil and capable of causing death and disease. When a Drekkana chart is cast, the 8thhouse of this chart indicates the 22nd Drekkana. The lord of this house as well as the planets falling in that house prove malefic. These are also called Chhidra Planets.

2.  64th Navamsha:  Whereas 22nd Drekkana is calculated from the lagna, the 64th Navamsha is calculated from the moon. It falls exactly seven houses from the moon. Place  the degrees of the moon in the sign 8th from it, and determine the navamsha of that sign. The lord of that navamsha is the lord of 64th Navamsha. The planets falling in the navamsha chart behaves as a malefic. In the usual Navamsha chart, the sign falling in the 4th house from the moon happens to be the lord of the 64th Navamsha. The lord, its associates and the planets falling in that house in the Navamsha chart behave as evil planets and are also called Chhidra Planets.

3. 85th Dwadshamsha:  The diseases caused by inheritance is to be analyzed from here. 8th house of Dwadshamsha (D-12)chart is termed as 85th Dwadshamsha. The planets in this house are indicators of a particular disease caused due to genetic factor which is carried forward from one generation to another.

4.  Sarpa Drekkana:  The 2nd and 3rd Drekkanas of the sign Cancer, the 1st and 2nd of the sign Scorpio and the last Drekkana of the sign Pisces are termed as Sarpa (serpent) Drekkanas. Planets falling in these Drekkanas tend to produce ill health during their periods and sub-periods if other factors also indicate.  

 5. Paasha Drekkana:  The 1st Drekkana of sign Aries, Leo, and Aquarius, The 2nd and 3rd Drekkanas of sign Libra, the 1st and 3rd Drekkanas of sign Capricorn are termed as Paasha Drekkana. Planets falling in these Drekkanas  do not give good results.

6. Khar & Mrityu Planets:  If the planets of 8th House in natal chart(D-1) goes to 8th House of Dreshkana chart(D-3), these are called as khar planets and there is definite death in the mahadasha of kharesh.

If the planets of 4th and 12th House in natal chart(D-1) goes to 8th House of Dreshkana chart(D-3), these are called mrityu planets. In the mahadasha of these planets there is mrityu tulya kashta not mrityu.


Role of Gulika & Mandi in Medical Astrology

These are two subplanets which are the representatives of Saturn. They behave as extremely malefic planets although they have no physical existence.

Gulika:  Saturn΄s part is known as Gulika. A Lagna or Ascendent is cast for the time when Gulika begins. This represents the longitude of the Gulika.

Results of Gulika in Various Houses: Just as malefics produce good results and promote good health when placed in houses 3rd,6th,10th and 11th, so also Gulika is favourable in these houses. In the remaining houses, it only yields adverse results as given:

1st House:      Ailing and Miserable

2nd House:     Disabled

4th House:    Diseased body with excess of Wind(Vaata) and Bile(Pitta)

5th House:      Short-lived and Impotent

7th House:      Weak bodied

8th House:      Easily provoked to anger

9th House:      Weak of body and mind

12th House:     Disabled and ugly in looks


Mandi:  This is also another part of Saturn. It is calculated according to Day and Night time Birth.

Results of Mandi in Various Houses: The results of Mandi in Various Houses are given:

1st House:          Thin, Built, Diseased Eyes

2nd House:          Harsh speech, Poor intellect

3rd House:          Good for Health, Conceited

4th House:          Bereft of home comforts

5th House:          Unstable mind, Pervert thinking, Short life

6th House:          Good for Health

7th House:          Poor Intellect

8th House:          Diseased Face and Eyes, Short stature

9th House:          Suffers deprivations of various sorts

10th House:       Not good for health, Indulges in unscrupulous deeds

11th House:         Good for health

12th House:         Miserable

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