Diseases and Gems

Our body is composed of seven colors of our solar spectrum. They are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. When there is a deficiency or absence of any one of these primary colors in our body, we get attacked by the disease caused by that deficiency. The disease can be cured by injecting rays into our body by wearing gems & stones.

Gems act like a vaccine in preventing diseases. Wearing gems along with proper medication will prove very useful during ill health. Diseases like Arthritis, Asthma,  Eczema, Paralysis, Heart diseases, Menstrual disorders, Diabetes, Fevers, Kidney problems, Impotency, Blindness, Mental illness, Jaundice, Brain tumors and Cancer etc., can be cured to some extent by use of appropriate gems.

Gems possess mystical and divine powers. For example, Coral can be used as protective charm for children. Ruby acts as an antidote against poison and Yellow Sapphire will overcome protracted delay in marriage of girls. These Gems releases particular rays and suppose red rays were absent, disease like anemia, fever, inflammation and weakness would affect the body. These diseases can be cured by injecting red rays into our body by wearing gems of red plants, Sun and Mars. Their gems are Ruby and Red Corals. When these gems come into our body, whereby deficiency is restored and we then become free from such diseases. Gems along with appropriate medication will act as an effective antidote.

Medicines should always be taken first, while gems are worn generally as a side helper for quick recovery from diseases. Beware that secondary-stones (Up-Ratna) are never effective in diseases.




It is never safe to wear any gem otherwise suggested by a good Astrologer. In order to prescribe any gem it is necessary to know the suitability of these gems for the native. This can be recommended on the basis of one’s natal chart which needs to be thoroughly examined. So, please take extra care about these to derive maximum advantage from the use of the gems and do consult a knowledgeable Astrologer when you wish to get one.

Certain gems have wonderful healing powers. Each gem cures certain diseases perfectly. Below are the Diseases and Gems:

1. Abortions:                 Red Coral & Emerald during pregnancy period

2. Acidity:                               Emeralds, Blue Sapphire & Moon Stone

3. Accidents:                               Red Coral or White Pearl

4. Acne:                                           White Coral with Lapis Lazuli

5. Allergy:                          Yellow/Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Moonstone

6. Alcoholism:                  Blue Sapphire, Amethyst & White Sapphire

7. Amnesia:                                Red Coral, Emerald

8. Anemia:                                   Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire

9.  Anger:                Pearlwith Moonstone /Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald

10. Apoplexy:                             Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire

11. Appendicitis:                     Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire

12. Arthritis:                              Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire

13. Asthma:                                 Emerald, Yellow Sapphire

14. Atrophy:                                Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire

15. Backache:                             Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire

16. Baldness:                              Emerald & Blue Sapphire

17. Biliousness:                Blue Sapphire & Emerald or Moonstone & White Coral

18. Bladder Trouble:     Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire or White Coral

19. Bleeding Wounds:          Red Coral

20. Blindness:                           Ruby & White Coral

21. Blisters:                                Red Coral

22. Blood Pressure (High) Yellow Sapphire & Pearl

23. Blood Pressure (Low):Red Coral, Ruby with Moon Stone or Emerald

24. Boils:                                       Moon Stone or Lapis Lazuli

25. Bone Diseases:                 Red Coral & Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli

26. Brain Fever (Meningitis):Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire & Emerald

27. Brain Hemorrhage:   Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire with Moon Stone

28. Brain Tumors:              Emerald, Yellow Sapphire & Red Coral

29. Bronchitis:                     Red Coral

30. Burns:                               Red Coral

31. Cancer:                              Blue Sapphire & Red Coral

32. Cataract:                         Red Coral & WhitePearl

33. Cerebral Hemorrhage:Red Coral, Emerald & Moonstone

34. Chickenpox:                Red Coral

35. Cholera:                          Emerald & Yellow Sapphire

36. Children Diseases:    Red Coral & Moonstone

37. Colitis:                              Emerald & Moonstone

38. Cold, Sinus:                   Gomedh

39. Color Blindness:         Red Coral, WhitePearl

40. Conjunctivitis:            Moonstone

41. Constipation:                Red Coral

42. Deafness:                        Red Coral, Emerald

43. Diabetes:                 Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire/Lapis Lazuli

44. Diarrhoea:              Emerald & Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone

45. Digestive Disorders:Emerald & Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone

46. Dropsy:                          Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire

47. Dysentery:           Emerald & Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone

48. Ear Troubles:           Emerald & Red Coral

49. Eczema:                        White Coral & Yellow Sapphire

50. Epilepsy:                     Emerald& Moonstone

51. Eye Infections:       Ruby & Quartz

52. Fever:                            Red Coral

53. Fistula:                      Red Coral & Moonstone

54. Fractures:               Red Coral

55. Gall-Stones:          Red Coral & Emerald

56. Gastric Ulcer:      Emerald & Yellow Sapphire

57. Glaucoma:            Red Coral & WhitePearl

58. Gout:                          Red Coral or Yellow Sapphire

59. Headache:             Emerald & Moonstone

60. Heart Diseases:   Emerald, Moonstone & Yellow Sapphire

61. Hepatitis:              Emerald & Yellow Sapphire

62. Hernia:                 Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire

63. Hysteria:             Red Coral & Moonstone

64. Impotency:         Red & White Coral

65. Influenza:           Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire

66. Insanity:              Emerald, Red Coral & Moonstone

67. Insomnia:            Emerald, Moonstone & Yellow Sapphire

68. Jaundice:            Red Coral, Blue Sapphire

69. Kala-Azar:          Red Coral & Moonstone

70. Kidney Problems: White Coral & Blue Sapphire

71. Leprosy:                 Gomedha & Red Coral/WhitePearl

72. Leucoderma:      Diamond & Emerald

73. Leukemia:     Red Coral & Gomedha/Cats Eye, Yellow Sapphire & Gomedha

74. Malaria:               Red Coral & Moonstone

75. Measles:              Red Coral

76. Menstrual Disorders:WhitePearl

77. Mental Illness:     Emerald, Moonstone & Yellow Sapphire

78. Mental Depression:Pearlor Moonstone

79. Miscarriage:       Red Coral & Emerald

80. Myopia:               Red Coral & WhitePearl

81. Paralysis:         Red Coral & Emerald

82. Piles:                     Red/White Coral & Moonstone

83. Pneumonia:         Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire

84. Smallpox:             Red Coral

85. Sunstroke:            Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone

86. Throat Troubles:  Red Coral

87. Toothache:           Red/White Coral

88. Tonsils:                 Red Coral

89. Tuberculosis (T.B.): Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire

90. Typhoid Fever:     Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Moonstone

91. Urinary Problems: Pearl, Diamond, Emerald, Red Coral, Yellow

92. Whooping Cough:   Red Coral

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