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Gand Mool Nakshatras Gand Mool Nakshatras

According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, Nakshtras are the important part of our lives. It considers Nakshtras to be one of the most important aspect of our lives. There are 27 Nakshtras or fixed stars in the Zodiac having a span of 13 degree,20 minutes each. It is further divided […]

Retrograde Planets Retrograde Planets

Retrograde Planets seem to indicate that the energy of the planet in retrograde motion is directed inwards, and so are affecting the psychological profile of the person, more than the personality profile. Retrograde motion takes place when a faster interior planet, such as Venus or Mercury, overtakes the earth. Retrogradation […]

pending image Match-Making

Marriages are always made in Heaven. For prospective bride and groom Match-Making analysis covers love, mutual understanding, family happiness, children etc. This takes into consideration various areas of life and also covers Guna Milan, Mangal Dosha analysis, and the possible remedies for any weakness, which may persist. To find out […]

Mantras for Delayed Marriage Mantras for Delayed Marriage

With the blessings of Goddess Durga Devi, these Mantras for delayed marriage should be recited by Unmarried Girls with utmost devotion and faith to get their wish fulfilled. Katyayani Mantra: ‘Katyaayani Mahaamayey Mahaa Yoginiyadheeshwari Nand Gopasutam Devi Patimey Kuru Tey Namaha’ In Hindi:                 […]

Signification of Houses Signification of Houses

The twelve houses of a horoscope deal with all conceivable aspects of life. The most important of all houses is the Lagna or the First house. The remaining houses are basically related to the first house only. The Signification of Houses are as: 1st House(Lagna) : 1st  house or so […]

Know Major Palm Lines Know Major Palm Lines

  The lines in our palms act as registers, recording events and suggesting the possible outcomes of our actions and decisions. However our lines keep on changing according to our karmas we do providing a chart of the progress and development we make through our lines. There are 4 major […]